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Thursday, 5 December 1974
Page: 4826

Mr Snedden asked the Minister for Health, upon notice:

(   1 ) How many Australian school children are now receiving free dental services as a result of Federal Government funds.

(2)   What grants have been provided to State Governments to enable them to build and staff colleges to train dental therapists.

(3)   How many dental therapists are currently in training as the direct consequence of funds that have been provided by the Federal Government.

(4)   How many dental therapists are in training in Australia at the present time.

(5)   How many dental therapists will be required by 1977 so that all Australian school children will be provided, as promised, with free dental services.

(6)   On current trends what will be the likely number of dental therapists in Australia in 1977.

(7)   Will all Australian school children be receiving free dental services by 1977.

(8)   What will be the exact nature of the services provided.

Dr Everingham - The answer to the right honourable member's question is as follows:

(   1 ) The numbers of school children who completed courses of free dental treatment in 1973/74 as a result of Australian Government funds were


(2)   Grants provided to the States for the construction and staffing of dental therapy training schools from the inception of the Australian School Dental Scheme in March 1973 to 3 1 October 1 974 have been:


(3)   271. This includes 55 Australian students currently training in New Zealand by special arrangement with the New Zealand Government.

(4)   246. This includes 30 students studying privately at the Western Australian Institute of Technology.

(5)   The agreed aim of the school dental scheme is to provide free dental treatment to all primary school children, totalling approximately 1,900,000 by the year 1980.

It is estimated that some 4,000 dental therapists will be required when the scheme is fully operational.

(   6 ) Approximately 570.

(7)   No.

(8)   The Australian School Dental Service provides free examination and basic dental treatment, including dental health education and preventive measures.

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