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Thursday, 15 November 1973
Page: 3455

Mr MORRIS (Shortland) - In the few moments that are left to me in this debate I would like quickly to nail some of the nonsense that has been put forward by the Opposition this afternoon and this evening in what should have been a most important debate on an historic piece of legislation. I hope sincerely that the honourable member for Paterson (Mr O'Keefe) will get some copies of Hansard and take them back to his own electorate so that the local government authorities up there may see what he had to say in this place. If he nas had anything to do with local government he would know that his remarks could be regarded only as a betrayal of the interests of local government.

Mr O'Keefe - I have had more experience in it than you are ever likely to have.

Mr MORRIS - You just send them some copies of your speech and tell them what you had to say. As far as local government is concerned, one would gather from the remarks of the Leader of the Opposition (Mr Snedden) and the Leader of the Australian Country Party (Mr Anthony) that local government was being asked to agree to access at a national level to the Australian Loan Council. All this has emanated from a request throughout the land from local government, from every State and from almost every region. As recently as 2 days ago while this Bill was on the notice paper the Australian Council for Local Government Associations meeting in Hobart resolved to support this Government in its campaign at the referendum for local government access to the Loan Council. That shows how up to date the honourable member is. In addition to that, the Australian Council for Local Government Associations resolved to set up within its own organisation a body to raise funds and to seek financial assistance at a national level. For whom is the Opposition speaking? It certainly is not speaking on behalf of local government and it certainly is not aware of the needs of local government - otherwise it would not be opposed to this legislation tonight. Look at the delegates. The delegate who put the case for New South Wales local government authorities is one of the colleagues of the Leader of the Party to which the honourable member for Paterson belongs and one of the colleagues of Mr Cutler in New South Wales. I refer to

Alderman Coates, M.L.A. for Blue Mountains in New South Wales, who said that local government authorities need access to Federal finance, that they need access to lower interest rates.

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