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Thursday, 27 September 1973
Page: 1625

Mr McVEIGH (Darling Downs) - I am somewhat astonished at the attitude the Minister for Minerals and Energy (Mr Connor) has adopted in this very important debate which was initiated by the honourable member for McMillan (Mr Hewson) to plan, in effect, the future usage- of our fuel reserves. I am astonished at the attitude of the Minister who has deliberately sought to mount the platform of the honourable member for McMillan. To me it is downright effrontery. Each night in the adjournment debate, and also in the grievance debate, honourable members if they so wish may air their knowledge and ideas on this matter. To seek to undermine the contribution of the honourable member for McMillan is intrigue and sabotage of the highest order.

Mr Mathews - The Minister supported him.

Mr McVEIGH - It is true that in his initial remarks the Minister paid some veiled tribute to my colleague, the honourable member for McMillan, but then he proceeded to undermine the great thoughts and contribution the honourable member offered. The Minister quoted from a publication put out by certain Australian Labor Party parliamentarians in Victoria, but what he refused to divulge to this House was that one of the participators in the publication was the defeated candidate for the seat of McMillan. He was defeated by the honourable member who is at present sitting alongside me. The Minister refused to detail to this House that another participator in the publication was a defeated Labor candidate at the State election in Victoria. The Minister went on and on about what they had done. Why does he not in all truthfulness detail to this House the respect in which those people are held in their own State when it comes to election time? He did not tell us that. He endeavoured to seek for the members of his Party the great tribute that should be reserved for my colleague the honourable member for McMillan.

The history of Victorian legislative processes will show that during the period 1964 to 1970 my colleague the honourable member for McMillan on at least 12 occasions in the Victorian Parliament advanced the cause that he so ably advanced here this morning. At that time, like now, he was not a member of the Government, but I compliment him. I have had the great privilege of reading his speeches. He was more or less an irrisistible force but, like us, he comes up against an immovable object. But at least he has been consistent and the people of McMillan rewarded that consistency on 2 December when they sent him to this House.

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