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Tuesday, 11 September 1973
Page: 816

Mr SPEAKER - Order! I ask the Country Party cheer squad to keep quiet.

Mr CALDER - Thank you, Mr Speaker. I appreciate that. I have not time to say all I wanted to say but I will certainly say it during the Estimates debate.

Mr Duthie - You could cheer us up.

Mr CALDER - The honourable member would get a nice cheer up if he went up there, I am sure. We heard the Minister for the Northern Territory say that places in the Territory would be show places. For what? For the Whitlam Government's socialist takeover of Australia? That is exactly what they will be. Honourable members opposite ought to wake up to this. People do not want this in the Northern Territory. They do not want to be socialised and run by a mob of centralists in Canberra. They just do not want that sort of thing. We cannot comprehend the thinking of the people who introduced this Budget. The feeling of the people in the Northern Territory is that it was inspired by city dwelling socialist madmen, and that is so. They cannot understand what it is all about. What is more it is being implemented by people who do not understand. They are vindictive, unscrupulous, political crooks. This is what the people in the Northern Territory think and I agree with them. I do not know whether they are vindictive, unscrupulous crooks or simple, narrow-minded fools, but they will wreck the economy of Australia.

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