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Thursday, 23 August 1973
Page: 397

Mr Garland asked the Prime Minister, upon notice:

(1)   How many (a) members of staff and (b) advisers are employed by himself and each Minster of his Government.

(2)   What is the annual rate of salary for each member of staff.

(3)   What are the principal conditions of contract for advisers. <4) During what period have advisers been employed since 5 December 1972.

(5)   How many persons who are principally engaged in work in connection with the 'Ministers' offices or on tasks initiated by each Minister or his staff, and whose work is principally that of a policy, liaison or secretarial nature, have been employed by departments since 5 December 1972.

Mr Whitlam - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   to (5) In answer to earlier questions I have already, on a number of occasions, (House of Representatives Hansard 13 March 1973 page 534, Senate Hansard 10 April 1973 page 992 and House of Representatives Hansard 22 May 1973 page 2471) given information on this subject. I have several times said that I had approved the following basic staff establishment for each Minister:

One Private Secretary.

One Press Secretary.

One Adviser/Research Officer.

Two Assistant Private Secretaries.

One Steno-secretary, Grade 1.

One Secretary/ Typist.

I have also said that once the staff appointments had been completed, I would make available to the House the details of the staff employed by each Minister and by Office holders of the NonGovernment Parties. This information will need to take account of the recent review of Ministerial staff arrangements undertaken by the Government in consultation with the Public Service Board but I would expect that my colleague, the Special Minister of State, who is now responsible for these matters, will be able to provide details soon.

The honourable member should also be aware that on 12 April (House of Representatives Hansard page 1464) in answer to an earlier similiar question by him I provided the numbers and salaries of my own personal staff. Since then there have been some minor changes in the classification and designation of some positions but the total number of staff provided for the Prime 'Minister and Foreign Minister has not altered. Details will of course be included in the material to be provided by the Special Minister of State.

The Government has employed Ministerial staff since 5 December 1972. Essentially the conditions of service for Ministerial staff are as prescribed under the Public Service Act 1922-1973 and Public Service Regulations except that temporary employees may be exempt from certain provisions relating mainly to conditions of recruitment.

The honourable member will be aware that constitutionally Ministers are appointed to administer departments of State. It follows that much of the work performed by a department will be of a policy, liaison or secretarial nature initiated by the responsible Minister. I am not prepared to authorise the extensive clerical work which would be required to determine the number of staff engaged in such essential departmental activities.

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