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Tuesday, 22 May 1973
Page: 2384

Mr SPEAKER -Order! Is leave granted? There being no objection, leave is granted.

Mr SNEDDEN - The Minister in his second reading speech said:

I had originally indicated that the date of the new benefit would be 1st July 1973. However, because of the Government's heavy legislative program, it would seem that it will not be possible for the Bill to be passed through both Houses of the Parliament before the Budget session.

I wish to say to the honourable gentleman that the Opposition will support this legislation. We would not want to see the benefits deferred until the Budget session. Therefore, we will co-operate with the Government in order to give this Bill a quick passage through the* Parliament.

Mr Daly - Will you take it now?

Mr SNEDDEN - We could take it through.

Mr Hayden - All right. It is not controversial. Go ahead.

Mr SNEDDEN - lt is not controversial. Is it your intention to go ahead with it now?

Mr Hayden - Yes.

Mr Wentworth - Mr Speaker, I should like to move-

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The Leader of the Opposition must seek leave to continue the debate.

Mr SNEDDEN - I seek leave to continue the debate.

Mr SPEAKER -Is leave granted?

Mr Hayden - I have no doubt about the commendable and sound intentions of the Leader of the Opposition, but with the best will in the world and the greatest determination he will not be able to control at least one honourable member on his back benches and to proceed with this legislation now would completely disorganise the program of the House, which 1 have already indicated is very tight.

Mr Gorton - You would not let one speech stop a Bill like this going through, would you?

Mr Hayden - We do not mind the Leader of the Opposition-

Mr Daly - We will bring it on if they will give it a speedy passage, but- not today.

Mr SNEDDEN - We will give it a speedy passage if you bring it on.

Mr Hayden - But we want some assurance before we do this. For instance, the honourable member for Mackellar obviously wants to extend the debate. He tends to moralise in matters such as this and to use social service benefits as a penalty, as they once were.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The right honourable gentleman has asked for leave to continue the debate and that request cannot be debated. It is a case of yes or no.

Mr Hayden - The Leader of the House has said that this Bill can be listed for next week if arrangements can be made for it to be given a speedy passage.

Mr SNEDDEN - That will be fine.

Debate (on motion by Mr Snedden) adjourned.

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