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Tuesday, 9 March 1971
Page: 691

Mr CALWELL (Melbourne) - If an honourable member calls another honourable member a liar in this chamber you, Mr Speaker, demand an immediate withdrawal. No opportunities are given for explanations, for justification or attempted justification. I think the offence is more heinous when somebody who is here by grace of the Parliament has the audacity and the stupidity to shout at the Prime Minister of Australia, no matter who he is; You are a liar'. I think that anybody who does that sort of thing should be paraded at the Bar of the Parliament for sentence, just the same as in the case of an honourable member. Cut out all this rubbish, the cliches, the shibboleths and the humbug. Do not give this fellow an opportunity to come before the Bar of the Parliament to pose as a martyr. He is beneath the contempt of every member of this Parliament and everybody who has a regard for democracy and who wants to see the supremacy of Parliament maintained. Nobody will accuse me of having ever entertained tender feelings in regard to the Press. They fought me and T fought them. I once said in this Parliament and outside it - I hope you will bear with me for just a sentence, Mr Speaker - that the Press of this country is owned, for the most part, by financial crooks.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The right honourable gentleman is now getting away from the subject matter before the Chair.

Mr CALWELL - I think I am, Sir. 1 do not believe we are serving the best interests of this Parliament if we do not immediately have this man called to the Bar of the

Parliament and made to apologise, and then when he is made to apologise he should be otherwise dealt with as this House decides. The idea that he is going to be allowed to pull his poison can into the precincts of this House in order to carry on his campaign against the Prime Minister or anybody else at any time in any circumstances is obnoxious.

Mr SPEAKER -Order!'! think the honourable gentleman may have an opportunity to discuss this matter at a later date but at this stage I think he is out of order.

Mr CALWELL - Having said that much I do not think I will need another opportunity.

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