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Friday, 12 June 1970

Mr IRWIN (Mitchell) - by leave- I want to congratulate the Chairman of the Select Committee on Aircraft Noise, the honourable member for McMillan (Mr Buchanan). Each member of the Committee realises the amount of time that he has put into this inquiry so that he could present this interim report at this time. I think other members of the Committee' would like me also to express our appreciation to Mr Bruce Chapman, Mr Ken Hale and Mr Jack Rose of the Commonwealth Acoustic Laboratories, all of whom rendered great service to the Committee.

The manufacturers of aircraft engines are doing a worthwhile job in endeavouring to reduce the noise of engines but the modifications required are very costly. The cost amounts to some hundreds of thousands of dollars. But worse still, each modification reduces the efficiency of the engine and increases the running cost. This is a very difficult problem that has to be overcome.

The Committee as previously constituted did an excellent job and produced an interim report. There has been a happy and worthwhile association between the members of this Committee. Individually they have spent a great deal of time and have put a great deal of effort into bringing this report before the Parliament. There are many suggestions. There is a disposition now to realise that aircraft noise is a nuisance and the various factors within the industry are endeavouring to overcome or to alleviate the noise nuisance. Efforts in this regard will be continued in the future. There is an awareness of the problem. lt is peculiar to think that a man will build on a river bank to be close to water. We could establish an international airport in a wilderness and within 12 months thousands of people would he residing nearby, lt would appear that the days of using a small area for an international airport are gone and that the minimum area for an international airport will be 20,000 acres to 25,000 acres. In other countries an area of 50,000 acres is being considered. 1 again commend all who were associated with this report for their loyalty and the amount of work that they put into it.

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