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Wednesday, 10 June 1970

In Committee

Consideration of Senate's amendments.

Clause 12. (1.) The members shall be paid such remuneration as the Governor-General determines. (2.) The members shall be paid such allowances as the Minister determines.

Clause 20. (1.) Where a member is, or is expected to be, absent, or there is a vacancy in the office of a member, the Governor-General may appoint ; a person (including another member)to act in the office of the member during the absence oruntil the filling of the vacancy. (2.) The Governor-General may at any time terminate an appointment under this section. (3.) Sections 10. 12, 14,16 and18 of this Act apply in relation to a person appointed under this sect ion in like manner as they apply in relation to the member in whose office he is acting. (4.) A person appointed to act in the office of a member has all the powers and functions under this Act of that member. (5.) For the purposes of this section, a member acting in the office of another member shall be deemed to be absent.

Senate's amendment No. 1.

In clause 12, sub-clause (1.), leave out 'as the Governor-General determines', insert 'as the Parliament provides, but until the- first day of January, One thousand nine hundred and seventy-one, that remuneration shall be as is prescribed'.

Senate's amendment No. 2.

In clause 12, sub-clause (2.), leave out 'allowances as the Minister determines', insert 'travelling or other allowances as are prescribed'.

Senate's amendment No. 3.

In clause 20, at end of sub-clause (5.) add 'with the consent of the Minister'.

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