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Friday, 22 May 1970

Circumstances of Payment

This allowance is payable to a married member who is required to live out at a new posting and whose family is unable to join him at his new station because - o accommodation is not available; o there is illness in the family; or o the education at secondary or tertiary levels or apprenticeship of the members' children would be disrupted.



Circumstances of Payment

Marriage, separation and provision allowances arc combined and paid as a joint amount to married members. The full . rate of the marriage element of the allowance is payable provided the member makes a pay allotment to his wife of not less than $2.70 per day when the member does not receive separation allowance while living in and $3.45 per day when the member receives separation allowance while living in. In 1945 an allowance called Dependants Allowance was payable, and varied according to the number of dependants the member supported.


The separation allowance element is payable when a married member is. by reason of his military duties, required to live away from his home. It is not payable when the member is in receipt of the provision allowance element.


The provision allowance element is payable to a married member while he resides at home, provided he is not in receipt of the separation allowance element.


Marriage/Separation/Provision allowances may also be paid to: - a member who is separated, divorced or marriage has been annulled and who maintains his ex-wife or children of the marriage. - a member who is widowed, or deserted by his wife, and maintains his children.

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