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Friday, 22 May 1970

Allowances introduced 4th November 1963 Rates for 1970 are as follows-

a.   Rate payable to an unmarried member is $50 per year.

b.   Rate payable to a married unaccompanied member is $210 per year.

C.   Rate payable to a married accompanied member residing in a Service married quarter or other Government resident is a rate per year equal to the sum of $70 and an amount equal to the annual rent payable by the member for the premises in the New Guinea area occupied by him as his residence or if that rate is higher than the rate ascertained in accordance with the formula specified below, the rate per year so ascertained.



A.   Is an amount equal to the rate per day at which active pay is payable to a member upon being promoted to the like rank as the member holds;

B.   is an amount equal to the rate per day at which Marriage Allowance is payable to the member;

C.   is an amount equal to the rate per day at which Provision/Separation Allowance is payable to the member; and

D.   is an amount equal to the rate per day at which Clothing Maintenance Allowance is payable to the member.

Note - Territory Allowance is payable in addition to District Allowance in Papua and New Guinea.


Circumstances of Payment

The allowance is payable to a chaplain for the provision and maintenance of equipment and vestments.




Circumstances of Payment

This allowance is payable to all members of the Permanent Military Forces excluding members of the Regular Army Emergency Reserve, Pacific Islanders, members in receipt of a consolidated pay rate, apprentice tradesmen in their first, second or third year of apprentice training or apprentice musicians and clerks under the age of 17 years.



Circumstances of Payment

This allowance which commenced in 1948, is payable as compensation for accelerated depreciation of furniture due to removal and for those unreimbursed costs which must be incurred by a member as the direct result of a removal.


Diving Allowance is payable to a diver in respect of the time during which he k under water or under compression in the course of a diving operation authorised by a Commanding Officer. Rales payable are also influenced by the depth of a dive during an operation.

Diving rates payable wim effect from 21 February 1962 are as follows:


Rales vary where a diver attends another diver during a diving operation.


This allowance became payable in 1958 lo members whose posting from one area to another would seriously interrupt their children's schooling. 1961- Rale for members posted in Australia £80 per annum. Rate for members posted overseas £250 per annum.

At present there are two categories of payment (i.e. for boarding students and for day students) which are applicable whether the member is posted within Australia or overseas. The allowance is


paid to a member posted overseas in respect of children over the age of 9 years who will remain in Australia.

Members posted within Australia receive the allowance if their children's secondary education would be seriously interrupted. 1970 - Day students . . $625 per annum

Boarding students $1,205 per annum

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