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Friday, 8 May 1970

Mr Les Johnson (HUGHES, NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the Minister for Shipping and Transport, upon notice:

(1)   What crew was carried aboard the inaugural and second Indian-Pacific trains.

(2)   Were crew members charged for meals; if so, what charges and allowances were made.

(3)   At which stopping places where crew members require accommodation are railway barracks (a) available and (b) unavailable.

(4)   What, allowances are provided for accommodation, and are they adequate in view of prevailing charges in the centres concerned.

Mr Sinclair - The answer lo the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   The States are responsible for arranging crews for their sections of the line and details of these crews are not available to me. However, the following crew members were employed by Commonwealth Railways between Port Pirie and Kalgoorlie, each employee travelling all the way.


In addition, two locomotive enginemen and one guard were employed on the train, with changeovers at Port Augusta, Tarcoola, Cook and Rawlinna.

(2)   No crew members were charged for meals. Dining and sleeping car crews and train technicians were supplied with meals on the train, free of charge. Locomotive enginemen and guards carried their own meals and were paid prescribed allowances equivalent to $1.05 per meal.

(3)   (a) Full sleeping accommodation and facilities for preparing meals are available for locomotive enginemen and guards in railway barracks at Tarcoola, Cook and Rawlinna.

(b)   Pining and sleeping car crews and train technicians remained on the trains between Port Pirie and Kalgoorlie. They occupied hotel or private accommodation at Kalgoorlie until they left to return to (heir home station at Port Pirie.

(4)   No charges are made for occupancy of railway barracks or sleeping berths on trains. Consequently no allowance is provided. For occupancy of hotel or private accommodation, full reimbursement of reasonable expenditure is payable if such expenditure is in excess of prescribed amounts of $1.05 per meal and $1.50 per bed.

These allowances are considered to be adequate.

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