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Tuesday, 22 March 1966

Dr MACKAY - I wish to make a personal explanation, Mr. Speaker. I claim to have been misrepresented in a newspaper report. The Sydney " Daily Mirror " of Thursday, 17th March, in a full editorial misrepresented a question asked by me in the House on that day by totally removing from the context my reference to the time at which a film report of an execution in Saigon was shown on television. The film was screened at 6.30 p.m. My question was distorted to evoke such editorial comment as - lt is remarkable that Dr. Mackay, a man of God, wants to prevent the public from ecm i atrocities that are being committed in Vietnam. We would have expected his religious principles to prompt him to do something about stopping the atrocities.

My question, Mr. Speaker, was clearly related to the hour at which this report was shown and was not an attempt at banning such films. I asked about censorship because, as I understand the position, the censor has a duty to determine both the kind O. prior warning that shall be given about horror or other material unsuitable for young children, and also the time at which such material shall be shown. As for the gibe about my not doing anything to stop such actions, this is grossly misrepresenting my position. If the newspaper editor had taken the trouble to make a telephone call he could have found that I had actually already taken strong, direct and I hope effective action to see that the Ky Government is made aware of the general reaction in Australia to these executions. I ask the " Daily Mirror " to have sufficient sense of fair play to give prominence to these facts.

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