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Wednesday, 1 December 1965

Mr CONNOR (CUNNINGHAM, NEW SOUTH WALES) - There is nothing whatever in relation to overseas shipping. This is quite a change of heart. It is encouraging to see at least that the Liberal Party does recognise the existence of overseas shipping combines and trade.

Another matter that should be taken into account by the Committee is the weighty comments of no less a person than Professor Richardson, the Professor of Law at the Australian National University. Consistently on many occasions he has stated in no uncertain terms that the Australian Industries Preservation Act is infinitely preferable to the present proposals of the Government. The Government, of course, because of its over timidity and its innate ultra conservatism could not even tolerate the word "restrictive" in the title of this Bill and it has bowdlerised the title down to " trade practices". The legislation with which we are dealing is limited. It is puny. It is ill conceived. It represents a retrograde step. There have been few occasions on which a Government in the name of progress has introduced legislation claiming that it is for the benefit of the Commonwealth in which it has deliberately abrogated, destroyed or sought to destroy the substantial body of law which exists and which can be proved to be used for the benefit of the community. Instead of that the Government for its own devious political purposes has interposed a system of registration and examination which is antiquated and cumbersome, and which has been proved already to have serious limitations in the United Kingdom.

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