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Wednesday, 3 May 1961

Mr BRYANT (Wills) .- I shall be brief. Will the Minister for the Interior (Mr. Freeth) see that a proper survey of the voting at the next election is conducted so that more facts can be adduced than was possible by studying the voting in the Territory? Will the Minister have printed on the ballot-papers a note to the effect that if a ballot-paper is spoilt the voter may obtain another one? Will he consider having the Senate ballot-paper printed on pasteboard to make voting easier? As I pointed out several nights ago, in my electorate huge numbers of votes are cast at the polling booths - as many as 6,000 at one booth. They come in at the rate of 500 or 600 an hour. The polling booth is rickety, the pencil is not too good and the light is not good.

Mr Thompson - And the voting is not good, either.

Mr BRYANT - The voting is not too bad in my electorate. If the standard in Wills were reflected all over Australia the country would be much better off. Voters would appreciate the provision of facilities to enable them to sit down and cast their votes on paper that did not crumble or wrinkle. I think this is a reasonable request. I realize that it would be too hopeful at this hour to expect the Minister to concede the valid points that have been put from this side of the chamber and by the honorable member for Canning (Mr. Hamilton). I have made these suggestions in a spirit of helpfulness.

Mi.Freeth. - I will give them consideration.

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