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Thursday, 9 March 1961

Sir GARFIELD BARWICK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) (Attorney-General) - I do recall the scenes at the United Nations to which the honorable member directs my attention. I was there and I witnessed them, and it is a mild comment to say that they were disgraceful in a deliberative assembly. But I also think that the Soviet so far overreached itself in these scenes as to cause revulsion - a quite natural revulsion - against its own interests, particularly on the part of a new member of the United Nations. As to the suggestion of a deal, to which the honorable member directs attention, I have heard of such suggestions, but I crave leave to doubt whether these suggestions were founded on anything more than talk in the lobbies. I do not believe that any Western government contemplated any such deal as the honorable member describes. As to whether or not the Soviet has attempted again to make that kind of deal, I can only tell the honorable member that my latest information leads me to think that there is no development taking place of the kind that he has mentioned.

As to the honorable member's last question, I think the House knows, from reiteration of it, what the attitude of the Australian Government is towards both the Tibetan and the Hungarian questions. As to Tibet, let me say again that we deplore the repressive conduct of the Peking regime in dealing with the Tibetan people, and its denial of human rights. Our delegates at the United Nations, at this resumed session, have been specifically instructed to vote in favour of a resolution along those lines. As to the Hungarian question, our delegation has also been instructed to support any move which will keep this question under review by the United Nations.

I think I have covered what the honorable member has asked. Let me say, finally, that our delegates are ready to emphasize strongly our views both as to Tibet and as

To Hungary.

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