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Wednesday, 8 March 1961

Mr POLLARD (Lalor) .- I rise only to say to the honorable member for Moreton (Mr. Killen) and the honorable member for Lilley (Mr. Wight) that we are unmoved. We realize that those two honorable gentlemen are only clowns who are endeavouring to persuade the people of this country that the Labour movement and the Parliamentary Labour Party are Corns, or Com. sympathizers. I have had a long political career. I have been a long while a member of the Australian Labour Party. I have never known an election that was fought without the anti-Labour parties, whether in opposition or in government, using as their major armament the allegation that we were Corns., Com. sympathizers, pale pinks, left wingers and all the descriptions that can be used to conjure up some fearsome monster in the minds of the electors.

Let us look at the historical record of this country. Despite all the allegations of honorable members opposite, despite all their innuendoes, despite all their endeavours to blackmail and blacken decent, honorable, honest men, the Labour Party has, from time' to time, both in peace and in war, governed the destinies of the Commonwealth itself and of the respective States. Indeed, whether we are Com. sympathizers, or Communist tinged, or left wingers, or anything else, we have been so successful in guiding the destinies of the country, in co-operation with the trade unions, that a major portion of the social welfare legislation of Australia has been due, directly and indirectly, to no other party than the Australian Labour Party.

Let me conclude in a friendly vein, and this will show how deeply this dirty thing runs. The son of a candidate for parliamentary honours was attending a high school. During the course of the campaign he came home and said, " Dad, what is an anarchist? " Dad said, " As I know the meaning of the term, an anarchist is a man who believes that society can be so perfect that you do not need any government at all. In other words, under anarchy, everybody is a law unto himself but he is so well behaved that you do not need any law makers or parliaments. However, the new understanding of the term is that an anarchist is a man who runs round and throws bombs and destroys human life - a dangerous and nefarious character." The son said, " Oh.' What is a socialist? " He was told that there had been a variety of different brands of socialists and socialism. Then he asked " What is a Communist? " He was given the definition of a Communist. His father inquired why he had asked these questions. The boy smiled and said that he just wanted to know. The candidate took a tumble. When he came home successful from the election he said to his son, " You can go and tell your school friends that the old man may be an anarchist, he may be a Communist and he may be a socialist, but he brought home the bacon ". That is what this party will do at the next election despite all the mud slinging.

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