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Thursday, 17 November 1960

Mr Whitlam m asked the Minister for Primary Industry, upon notice -

1.   On what dates has he proclaimed an area of waters from which fish of a specified species or size may not be taken?

2.   To what States and Territories is each area adjacent?

3.   Which of these States and Territories has proclaimed an adjacent area within territorial limits from which these fish may not be taken?

4.   On what dates has each State and Territory proclaimed each such area?

Mr Adermann - The answers to the questions asked by the honorable member are - 1 and 2. The following table shows in column 1 the dates on which I have proclaimed closed seasons in respect of the species of fish in column 2 for the periods set out in column 3, and within the areas described in column 4: -



3 and 4. Except as stated below the Commonwealth regulations relating to the action referred to in the answers of Parts 1 and 2 of the question are complementary to existing State statutory requirements and in all cases have been brought into force at the request of the States concerned. The date on which each State proclaimed its notices is not readily available but I am arranging for it to be obtained from the States concerned and I will convey it to the honorable member as soon as it is to hand. The exception referred to above is in respect of Gummy Shark (Mustelus antarcticus) - There is no closed season for this species in the territorial waters of New South Wales. However, I am advised that the New South Wales Government plans to introduce the same closed season as now applies elsewhere for this species.

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