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Wednesday, 8 May 1957

Mr PEARCE - It does not matter whether you believe it or not. It is a fact. Gair lay himself down beside the tiger, Bukowski, because he knew that he needed the support that Bukowski could marshal to win last year's election. He knew full well what he was doing. Now that the tiger has turned and is clawing at him, he is crying for mercy. Let this be a lesson to those members of the Opposition here who think that they can go along on a unity ticket with the Communists and survive. Eventually the Communists will turn on them and claw them down as they have done to Gair, Walsh, Power and all the other members of the Queensland Parliament who have stuck by Gair. That is the real threat to parliamentary government and democracy in the State of Queensland. If honorable members opposite take the unity ticket, if they accept Communist support, if they take Communist money, as it has been alleged in this place that the party which sits opposite has done in the past, then, sooner or later they will be called upon to pay the price.

Mr Ward - What do you mean by your reference to us?

Mr SPEAKER - Order! I ask the honorable member for East Sydney to refrain from interjecting. He has already spoken, and I have previously warned him.

Mr Ward - I forgot that I had spoken.

Mr SPEAKER - Order!

Mr PEARCE - They will either pay the price for it by obeying in this chamber the dictates of the Communist party or they will be expelled from their party. The fact that the Queensland central executive is attempting to pull down members of the Labour party in that State is a warning to the honorable members who sit opposite.

Where does the support come from? It comes from behind the Queensland central executive at the moment. Gair knew when he entered the place in which the Mackay convention was held that he could not beat Bukowski at that convention, because Bukowski had the support of Communistcontrolled or essentially Communistdominated trade unions. There is nobody here who will deny that the Building Workers Industrial Union - a pseudo union in Queensland - is Communist controlled. It exerted a powerful influence at the Mackay convention. The organizations of the waterside workers, the boilermakers, the transport workers, the sheet metal workers, as well as the Australian Railways Union, in the State of Queensland all have some measure of Communist control. Then there are the painters, plumbers and meat workers organizations. They followed the line and dominated the scene in Mackay. Gair bowed down to them in the hope that he would get support in the election campaign. Then he promised the people of Queensland that he would introduce legislation providing for three weeks' leave on full pay for the workers.

The man who stood out against three weeks' leave right through the piece is none other than the great hero of the honorable member for Hindmarsh - Jack Duggan. He persuaded more members of the Gair party, as it is called to-day, to stand firmly against the three weeks' leave proposal than did Gair himself. The greatest ratting that has ever taken place in political history has been performed by Jack Duggan, for whom I had respect, and from whom I expected more. So the issue in Queensland, when it comes to an election, will not be whether support should be given to one of two factions of the Labour party fighting for supremacy. The issue will be whether Parliament is to be supreme or whether it is to be subject to Communist control and Communist dictation. lt is all very well for honorable members opposite to laugh. What the honorable member for Moreton (Mr. Killen) has said is true, and I ask honorable members opposite to mark his words. The tactics of the Communist party are to float some of the reactionaries inside the Labour movement to the top, and then to claw them down and destroy them. We have seen Labour members of this Parliament purged because they stood on principle. What is the next purge going to be? The Communists and the left wing of the Labour party make no secret about the next purge. The honorable member for Lang (Mr. Stewart), the honorable member for Grayndler (Mr. Daly), the honorable member for Macquarie (Mr. Luchetti), the honorable member for Kingston (Mr. Galvin), the honorable member for West Sydney (Mr. Minogue), the honorable member for Dalley (Mr. O'Connor), the honorable member for Fremantle (Mr. Beazley), the honorable member for Griffith (Mr. Coutts), and the honorable member for Kennedy (Mr. Riordan) must go at the next election. I do not expect honorable gentlemen opposite to believe that now, but I ask them to take note of what I have said. The honorable members I have mentioned will be in the next lot. We will see, as time unfolds itself, that that is the way it will be. They will go. Then another rising will occur and honorable members sitting opposite me now will be pushed out. Because of their principles, they will be compelled to leave the Labour party, which is becoming more and more Communist as the days go on.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Cosgrove in Tasmania in the next twelve months, as the Communists, after their victory in Queensland, turn to Tasmania. It will be interesting to see what happens here, because it is realized that the unpopularity of the Leader of the Opposition (Dr. Evatt) is so great that he cannot lead his party to victory. When the guns are turned on to him, as they will be in the comparatively near future,and he is destroyed, pulled down and removed from the Parliament, we shall see the left wing bubbling up until there is nothing to distinguish the Labour party on these benches from the Communist party, which dictates to it.

The issue in Queensland at the moment is an issue to which the people of Australia should direct their complete attention. The question is whether democratic government and the parliamentary system will survive, or whether Queensland will be dictated to. controlled and run by a Communistcontrolled executive, which backs the aim of the Soviet for world-wide conquest. I urge honorable members opposite to take heed of the warning that has been given to them to-night. What has happened to Gair because he accepted Communist support and then refused to pay the price will happen to a great many other people. At the next elections, it is bound to happen to those whom I named in the earlier part of my remarks.

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