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Thursday, 4 April 1957

Mr SPEAKER - Order! I think that the honorable member for Mackellar should* withdraw the word.

Mr WENTWORTH - I shall so withdraw it, and I shall say " obstructing clean* ballots ".

The second thing that the Evatt Labour people do, when this method fails, is even, more treacherous. They support the socalled unity tickets on which the Communist and the Labour man run side by side, and they deceive the members of the union into supporting Communists in Labour guise. They give them an alibi so that honest opponents of communism in the union are induced to vote for Communists without knowing what they are doing. This has happened in the Australian Engineering Union with the result, as I have just described, that these Russian agents, these Soviet agents in the union, are able to project into Australia the terrorism which the Russian troops used against these Hungarian refugees in Budapest only a few months ago. That is a dreadful thing, and the House had better take notice of it.

Let me go a little further! Just recently, there has been another election for the secretaryship of the union. A Mr. Garland is, I understand, the winner of that contest, with the support of members of the Opposition, against the other candidate, a Mr. Bourke, who, I understand, is antiCommunist. Mr. Garland's history is this: In April, 1956, a Mr. Thompson wrote a letter to the federal executive, which was then investigating the affairs of the New South Wales branch. He was a justice of the peace and he made certain allegations about Mr. Garland's part in a Communist intrigue to get Communists into key positions inside the Australian Labour party. The federal executive refused to investigate these circumstances. Subsequently, Mr. Garland was expelled by his Labour branch - I think it was the South Waverley branch - for some other Communist intrigue. The result of that was that, within a couple of months, the Labour party dissolved that branch, and when they reformed it they refused entry to it of all anti-Communists on whom they could lay their finger. One of the people to whom they refused entry was a member of this House, Mr. Gordon Anderson. I think he was then the member for KingsfordSmith. He was refused entry into his -own branch because he was an antiCommunist. Not only was he refused entry, but his whole family also were refused entry, and eighteen people who lived in the same street as he did were refused entry, too, because no anti-Communist taint is allowed inside an Australian Labour party branch these days.

It is most regrettable, sir, that this has happened. 1 think it should be a warning to the country of the new tactics of the Communists and of the new co-operation they are receiving from the right honorable memtier for Barton and his cohorts.

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