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Tuesday, 6 August 1946

Mr FRANCIS (Moreton) .- I move -

That, in sub-clause (2.), paragraph (g), after the word " industry", the following wordsbe inserted: - " for the States of Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, as well as the State of New South Wales".

The purpose of the amendment is to ensure that the establishment of sound industrial welfare practices, including the provision of amenities for employees, shall be extended to the coal-miners in Queensland, Victoria andWestern Australia. The initial cost of the amenities proposed under this bill is estimated at £500,000, and the cost of the complete programme may entail the expenditure of an additional £1,000,000. During

WorldWar II. the coal-miners of Queensland, Victoria andWestern Australia stepped up production ; but despite all the efforts of this Government, the miners of New SouthWales reduced their output. Yet the Government proposes that they shall be the only section who shall benefit under this bill.

The CHAIRMAN - Order! This bill relates to an agreement between the Commonwealth and New South Wales only. The Chair cannot accept the amendment, because it is outside the scope of the bill.

Mr Abbott - I rise to order. This is a bill for an act " to provide means for securing and maintaining adequate supplies of coal throughout Australia and for providing for the regulation and improvement of the coal industry in the State of New South Wales, and for other purposes ". Included in the " other purposes " should be the provision of amenities for the coal-miners of Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, whose, patriotic efforts in stepping up production during World War II. have been so ably described during this discussion by the honorable member for Moreton (Mr. Francis). Surely the Government will not be so conservative as to withhold those amenities from the coal-miners of Queensland, who work under such bad conditions in the State coal mine at Collinsville, and whose housing is the worst in Australia !

The CHAIRMAN - Order ! The Chair has ruled that the amendment is outside the scope of the bill.

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