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Tuesday, 6 August 1946

Mr DEDMAN (Corio) (Minister for Post-war Reconstruction and Minister in charge of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) .- The Government cannot accept the amendment of the honorable member for Wide Bay (Mr. Bernard Corser). To the honorable member for Warringah (Mr. Spender) was left the submission of the case for the amendment. He sought to make a comparison between ' thi3 provision and that which relates to the exclusion of persons from the industry. He argued that, because an appeal tribunal was prescribed in respect of those latter persons, it followed that an appeal tribunal should also be prescribed in relation to the regulation of prices for the sale,, purchase or resale of coal, and the values at which coal is recorded in the accounts of any business. [ suggest that there is no comparison between the two cases. It is true that an appeal authority is to be set up in respect of persons who 'may be excluded from the industry by the Joint Coal Board. That authority will probably consist of a stipendiary magistrate, a representative of the employees, and a representative of the employers. An appeal authority of that nature will be able to adjudicate on a matter such -as the conduct of an individual in the industry just as well as, if not better than, the Joint Coal Board, because the individuals composing it will have had very much more experience of such matters than will .the Joint Coal Board. On the other hand, the board will have r.he advice of the Prices Commissioner, [n fact, it will be composed of experts in the matter of prices. The honorable member suggests that, over and above this authority dealing expertly with prices, and with a full knowledge, of the whole of the circumstances, .there should be an appeal authority which, in effect, would bc' a super-authority on prices.

Mr Spender - Decisions by the Commissioner of Taxation are subject to appeal to the Taxation Board of Review.

Mr DEDMAN - The honorable member made a comparison between regulation of prices in the industry and the exclusion of any employee from the industry. I claim that a comparison cannot be made between the two. I conclude by saying that the Government does not intend to ' set up any appeal authority in relation to prices, for the 'same reason that, the Government of which the- honorable gentleman was a member did not set up any appeal authority when it established the Prices Commission.

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