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Thursday, 1 August 1946

To sum up -

The Australian Government favoursa general international convention which will -

(a)   vest in an international authority control of all rights in raw materials, processes, plants and the products of plants for the exploitation of all forms of atomic energy, leaving however as much freedom as possible to national and private research and other activity where this is not dangerous to international security ;

(b)   establish a system of effective control and inspection along the lines indicated by Mr. Baruch,

(c)   provide that, when the controls and safeguards have been effectively organized, the manufacture of atomic weapons and the stockpiling of material for military purposes cease and that existing stocks of bombs be dismantled.

(d)   provide that all information of inportance for the peaceful use of atomic energy shall be made available to all nations through exchange of personnel and through free and open publication, notwithstanding that some such information may be of some slight military significance.

(e)   accelerate all development for converting atomic energy to peaceful purposes, (/) provide that there shall be a just and equitable sequence for the implementation of all the provisions of the convei'tion, including the provisions set out in (a) to ((i) above, and on acceptance by each of the parties to the convention of all its obligations and sanctions.

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