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Thursday, 11 July 1946

Mr SPENDER (WARRINGAH, NEW SOUTH WALES) - No honorable member is entitled to misrepresent another honorable member. I know the object of the honorable member for Fremantle in seeking to misrepresent me.

The CHAIRMAN - That is. not a point of order. The honorable member for Warringah has the right to reply in the course of the discussion to the statements of the honorable- member for Fremantle.

Mr BEAZLEY - The technique of the law courts serves the honorable member for Warringah in good stead. He stated that he was moving his amendment. He then read the ' whole of the clause. The safeguards provided in this bill are more than adequate. For example, the clause provides -

The Commission shall prepare estimates, in such form as the Minister directs, of its receipts and expenditure for each financial year and shall submit those estimates to the Minister.

A further safeguard is contained in clause 32, which reads -

Moneys held by the Commission which are uninvested may" be lodged either in an account at call or on fixed deposit, or partly in an account at call arid partly on fixed deposit, with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia or with such other bank as the Minister approves, and while so lodged shall- be held to be moneys of the Crown.

Clauses 33 and 34 provide similar adequate safeguards. The whole substance of the objection of the honorable member, for Warringah is that there is something furtive about an upper limit' of £3,000,000 being placed upon what may be appropriated for the purposes of this bill. The bill merely provides that sums not exceeding £3,000,000 may be advanced to' the commission, and safeguards are provided in order to ensure that the amounts advanced shall be applied to 'the purposes of the bill. That the Auditor-General will have the right to examine the accounts of the commission, is made perfectly clear. The honorable member for Warringah' has attempted to convince listeners to the debate who have not the bill before them that something objectionable is being done with money contributed to consolidated revenue by the taxpayers. The honorable member, who awarded to himself the title of a cleaner debater than the Minister, in the same way as he assumed the title of lieutenant-colonel, would be well advised to keep such references out of debates of this kind.

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