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Wednesday, 19 June 1946

Mr SPEAKER - Order 1 The honorable member's language is unparliamentary.

Mr ABBOTT - I regret that I became a little heated; but I feel bitter that men who risked their all in fighting for this country are denied even the fulfilment of promises made to them in these booklets. In New Zealand, up to £6,000 is expended to enable a returned man to go on the land, but, as the honorable member for Richmond (Mr. Anthony) has shown, the limit to which this Government will go in that direction is a loan of £1,000. One honorable member opposite said that that was only for the purpose of purchasing plant or the erection of a .house or other buildings on the property, but the department's booklet says that' among the purposes for which the money is to be advanced is the purchase of land, and to talk about purchasing for £1,000 a farm from which a man may expect to earn a living is too silly for words. The only farm of that value from which he might get a living would perhaps be a poultry run. The Government stands condemned in the eyes of the people for its failure to carry out the land settlement scheme. All this delay results from the Government's desperate clinging to centralized control at Canberra, where everything must be approved by the theorists that advise this Government in such a way that men who served this country in its time of need are denied their rights.

Mr. ARCHIECAMERON (Barker) [8.26 | . - I am afraid there is little satisfaction with the administration of soldier settlement except in the ranks of the Ministry and its supporters, who must, of course, declare that everything in the garden is lovely, particularly in the next three months. In South Australia, practically the whole soldier settlement will take place in Barker. There will be practically none outside that electorate. The

Loxton irrigation scheme, to which the Minister for Post-war Reconstruction (Mr. Dedman) was bitterly opposed, bin to which he finally consented-

Mr Dedman - That is also untrue.

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