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Wednesday, 30 September 1942

Mr BRENNAN (Batman) . - I have received a letter from a temporary employee of the Commonwealth Public Service who states that he is paid a salary of £5 13s: a week, as determined by a wages board. He does precisely the same work as permanent employees who enjoy a salary of £306 per annum with two annual increments of £8. For super annuation purposes the temporary employee will now be placed on the same basis as the permanent employees. He considers that he should receive the same salary as permanent employees when he performs the same duties as they do. The anomaly is apparently created by the fact that the salary of a temporary employee is determined by a wages board, whilst the salary of a permanent employee is fixed by the Public Service Board. This matter should be rectified. Another correspondent, who is a soldier on active service, writes -

I enlisted in the Australian Military Forces six months ago upon getting permission from the Postal Department in which I have been employed permanently for nearly twenty years as a postal linesman. I received notice last week from the military authorities that I had to allot 9d. a day to the Superannuation Board to cover my pay as a public servant dating same back to the time of my enlistment. I consider it is a grave injustice that I should be compelled to pay out of my small earnings whilst not in the actual employ of the department and also at the same time take all the ordinary risks,. &c, as a soldier in the Australian Military Forces. I may add that there are quite a number of us in the same position and we would consider it a favour if you would bring this, matter before the proper authorities for us»

I hope that the Minister will adjust this matter.

Mr Lazzarini - I shall examine the two cases mentioned by the honorable member for Batman.

Clause agreed to.

Clauses 4 and. 5 agreed to.

Clause 6 -

Section thirteen of the principal act is amended -

(a)   By omitting sub-section (2.) and inserting in its stead the following subsection: - " (2.) Notwithstanding anything contained in the last preceding sub-section -

(o)   an employee over the age of thirty years whose salary does not exceed Two hundred and eight pounds per annum may elect to contribute for additional units or half units to make- up a total number of two and a half, three or four units ;

(o)   By omitting sub-section (4.) and inserting in its stead the following sub-sections: - " (4.) If the salary of a contributor is increased and, by reason of that increase, fall's within- a salary-group in column one of the scale contained in sub-section; (1.) of this section higher than thesalary-group in which it fell prior to the increase, the following provisions shall apply: -

(c)   If the contributor is a contributor to whom the last preceding paragraph applies and he does not elect under sub-paragraph (i) or (ii) of that paragraph, he may, not later than twelve months after the first payment of the increased salary, elect to increase the amount of his contribution ...

Amendments (by Mr. Lazzarini) agreed to -

That, in proposed new sub-section (2.) (a), after the word " years ", the following words be inserted: - ", and an employee who was a contributor at the commencement of the Superannuation Act 1942,".

That, in proposed new sub-section (4) (c), the words ", not later than twelve months after the first payment of the increased salary," be left out.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clauses 7 to 12 agreed to.

Clause 13 - (1.) Section thirty -three of the principal act is amended by inserting after sub-section (1.) the following sub-section: - " (1a.) Where the present value, as deter mined by the actuarial member of the board, of a pension or pensions payable in pursuance of the last preceding sub-section is less than the contributions made by the contributor, the amount of the difference shall be paid to the personal representatives of that contributor or, failing them, to such persons (if any) as the board determines.".

Amendment (by Mr. Lazzarini) agreed to -

That, in proposed new subjection (1a.), after the word payable" the following words be inserted " , on the death of a contributor,".

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clauses 14 and 15 agreed to.

Clause 16 verbally amended, and, as amended, agreed to

Clauses 17 to 42 agreed to.

Title agreed to.

Bill reported with amendments; report - by leave - adopted.

Bill - by leave - read a third time.



Debate resumed from the 29th Septem ber (vide page 1075) on motion by Mr. Curtin -

That the bill be now read a second time.

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