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Friday, 18 September 1942

Mr Calwell l asked the Treasurer, upon notice -

Will he supply the latest information in his possession on the series of questions asked by the honorable member for Melbourne on the 29th October, 1941, concerning the number of towns in Australia with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or more branches of the trading banks?

Mr Chifley - The figures will be brought up to date, and a reply to the question will be furnished as early as possible.

Mr.Rosevear asked the Minister for War Organization of Industry, upon notice -

1.   How many branches of each of the banks operating in Australia are at present open for business ?

2.   How many branches of each of those banks have been closed to date under the Government's rationalization scheme ?

3.   Was there any radical difference between the methods applied by his department in bringing about rationalization of banking and those applied to other industry?

4.   What are the outstanding causes of delay in rationalizing the private banks?

Mr Dedman n. - I desire to advise the honorable member -

1.   From information supplied by the trading banks, the number of branches, exclusive of agencies, which ore at present open for business is approximately as follows: -


2.   Finality has not yet been reached in regard to a rationalization scheme for the banks, but the following closures have been made by the various trading banks since the initial conference with the Department of War Organization of Industry in April: -


3.   No.

4.   The outstanding cause of delay in presenting on acceptable scheme to my department has been the difficulty of obtaining agreement among the trading banks as to which branches should be closed with advantage to the War effort.

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