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Tuesday, 16 December 1941

Mr ABBOTT (NEW ENGLAND, NEW SOUTH WALES) - It is mostly basalt country in that locality.

Mr Calwell - But all suitable areas should be used.

Mr ABBOTT - That is so. "We should provide the protection as close as possible to the places where people work and live. It is, in my opinion, of vital importance to the civil population of Australia that daylight saving be introduced without delay.

I believe that all the speed, imagination and energy of which this nation is capable should be exerted immediately in our war effort. This war is one and indivisible. We cannot fight the war only in Australia or only in Malaya. We all are in it, and all we have is in it, and must be in it, if we are to achieve the destruction of the German. Italian and Japanese nations and of any other aggressors throughout the world. Our desire is to make democracy safe so that ordinary, normal, human beings may live their lives in peace without having to fight every ten or twelve years against the forces of evil and darkness which seek to crush everything that we consider to be worth living for. This Government will have the support of all of the people of Australia, and also of the Opposition, in doing everything that is necessary in connexion with an all-in war effort. Only by the exercise of the complete patriotism of our people shall we be able to win the war, and preserve Australia as a white Commonwealth now and for all time.

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