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Tuesday, 6 December 1938

Mr Green n asked the Minister for Civil Aviation, upon notice -

1.   Following on a letter from the accountant of the MacRobertson-Miller Aviation Company, received by the honorable member for Kalgoorlie (Mr. Green), is it a fact that there is an urgent need to provide several runways on some of the landing grounds of the North-West Aerial Service, and also to extend the areas of a few of the grounds to increase the safety margin for taking off with the larger machines which will be employed in the future?

2.   With reference to the letter received in Perth from the Minister, in which he stated that several works had been planned and that be proposed to make a statement in the near future, when may the considered reply of the Minister be expected.

Mr Thorby - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : -

1.   I have not seen the letter received by the honorable member from the accountant of the MacRobertson-Miller Aviation Company, but the department has already realized the desirability of providing runways on certain landing grounds and extensions in certain cases along the Perth-Darwin route. Action to this end is already in hand but there is no possibility of having any of the runways completed for the approaching wet season. The MacRobertson-Miller Aviation Company has, however, informed the department that many of the landing grounds are fit for use in all normal weathers by the large type of aircraft now in use on the service, though they have indicated the desirability of improvement in certain cases, presumably to minimize delays on the service during the wet season as indicated in the company's telegram to the honorable member, dated the 17th November., In view of the impossibilityof having new runways available for the forthcoming wet season, the company is being instructed that in no circumstances is any desire for regularity of operation to impair safe running.

2.   I am not sure what letter the honorable member is referring to. but the intention is to effect necessary improvements (including extensions and runways at certain places) to landing grounds at Geraldton. Carnarvon, Port Hedland, Broome. Derby, Fitzroy Crossing. Hall's Creek and Wyndham. and the preparation of a. new emergency ground at Port Keats.

Mr Beasley y asked the Minister for Civil Aviation, upon notice -

1   . What type of radio equipment was carried on the K.P.M.-D.C.3 passenger aeroplane which crashed in Holland on the 14th November, and what equipment was installed at the ground radio station?

2.   Isth is equipment the same as that recently ordered by the Civil Aviation Department"?

3.   Who were awarded the contracts for the supply of the Adcock cathode ray directionlinding equipment?

Mr Thorby - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : -

1.   Complete details of the aircraft and ground equipment are not available, but generally both medium and high frequency transmitters and receivers of Philips design were fitted to Dutch aircraft and ground stations, In addition, a Philips medium frequency approach beacon is installed at the aerodrome.

2.   No.

3.   Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Limited, Sydney.

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