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Thursday, 17 November 1938

In committee:Consideration resumed from the 10th November, 1938, (vide page 1460).

Clause 15 - (1.) After such date as is notified in the Gazetteby the Minister on the recommendation of the board, a contract for - (a.) the carriage by sea to any place beyond the Commonwealth of any apples or pears; or

(b)   the insuranceagainst loss or deterioration of such apples or pears whilst awaiting transport or in transit or until disposed of, shall not be made except inconformity with conditions approved by the board or by the board acting as the agent of the owners, of the apples or pears, or of other persons having authority to export them.

Upon which Mr. Holt had moved, by way of amendment -

That at the end of sub-clause (1.) the following words be added: - " but no such contract for insurance shall bc made by the board without the approval of the Minister with a person or company not carrying on the business of insurance in the Commonwealth on its own account or with a person or company which in the Commonwealth merely grants cover or receives premiums, proposals or requests for insurance business on behalf of or for transmission to any company, person or association of persons outside the Commonwealth ".

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