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Thursday, 2 August 1934

Mr. CASEY(Corio- Assistant Treasurer [10.53]. - Supply has already been granted for the first three months of the present financial year, that is, to the 30th September, 1934. The present Supply Bill provides for expenditure for a further three months - up to the 31st December next, including provision for salaries due on 21st December. The bill is based on the Estimates of expenditure for 1934-35, which were presented to the House on the 24th July. It is not possible to base this Supply Bill on last year's appropriations because certain proposals outlined in the' budget provided for expenditure in the present year on a slightly higher scale than that of last year. The budget proposals involving increased expenditure have been, or are being, implemented under special bills, such as the Financial Belief Bill. Under that bill, portion of the salaries and wages deductions made under the Financial Emergency Act is being restored. Therefore, it is necessary, in order that salaries and wages may be paid on the higher scale, that the present Supply Bill should be based on the Estimates for 1934-35.

The Estimates for 1934-35 also include increased expenditure for carrying on the ordinary services of the various departments, and particularly the increased expenditure which the PostmasterGeneral's Department must incur to deal with the increased volume of business. This also makes it necessary to base the present supply on the new Estimates.

As all the major policy proposals of the budget affecting expenditure have been, or are being, dealt with in special bills, they do not call for explanation or debate in the consideration of the Supply Bill now presented.

The total amount to be appropriated for 1934-35, under Annual Votes, but exclusive of special appropriations is shown ou page 3 of the Estimates as being £22,516,417. On this basis the amount required for the first six months of the year would bc £11,258,209. The. first Supply Bill for 1934-35' covered a total of £0,079,175. The total of the present bil I is £5,S19,030. Taking the two supply bills together the total is £11,893,205. Comparing this sum with half the amour.'. to be appropriated for the year, we find that the provision in the supply bills exceeds half the necessary annual appropriations by £639,996. This excess is chiefly accounted for by the fact that more than half the annual appropriation in respect of Treasurer's Advance was included in the first supply bill so that there would be a margin for contingencies. The total provided in the Estimates for the year for Treasurer's advance is £2,000,000, while the amount included in Supply Bill (No. 1), under this head was £1,500,000. It has also been necessary to provide in this bill the full amount required to cover the cost of the elections, namely £111,000.

Under refunds of revenue and under certain other votes where periodical payments fall due, the provision in the supply bills for the first six months slightly exceeds half the amount required for the full year.

The amounts shown in Supply Bill (No 2) may be summarized as follows : -


As the general position of the Commonwealth finances was placed before the House in the budget speech, I do not think that any further explanation regarding the finances, or regarding the moneys included in the present supply bill, is necessary. Should honorable members require further information their requests can be dealt with by Ministers during the course of the debate.

Mr Beasley - Will the increased amount be paid to public servants next pay day?

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