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Tuesday, 3 May 1932

Mr NAIRN (Perth) .- The issue has definitely been raised whether this commission shall or shall not engage in manufacturing and other business enterprises. I appeal to honorable members on this side to adhere to the opinions that they have advocated for years. Time and again they have declared that the Government must not enter into competition with private enterprise. This commission is to be established to regulate broadcasting - not to erect a factory, build wireless machines, and dabble in other business transactions that should be left to private enterprise. The amendment of the honorable member strikes out the only partial prohibition in the bill against the Government engaging in commercial enterprises in opposition to private activities. If accepted, this amendment will give the commission power to engage in business-

Mr Martens - Hear, hear! ยป

Mr NAIRN - If I were a member of the party opposite I also should say, " Hear, hear !" 1 admire honorable members of the Labour party for their consistency, a trait that is not at present noticeable among many honorable members on this side. We have had many examples of how commissions, like government departmental heads, when given the Opportunity, will launch out into active opposition with private enterprise, all too eager to expand, as far as possible, the business they control, . in many instances to bring them in a larger salary. I know that the desire to do something great is also involved.

Mr Maxwell - Why put in the word "subsidiary"? Why not say, "Shall not enter into any business"?

Mr NAIRN - Because this commission is being appointed to do business; to develop broadcasting. Its activities should be limited to that endeavour.

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