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Friday, 27 August 1920

Mr FENTON (Maribyrnong) .- I am surprised that, when a reasonable suggestion is made to improve the Bill, the Minister will persist . in hugging tightly to language which is ambiguous, and which will provide the legal fraternity with plenty of work in connexion with appeals. When this measure is placed upon the statute-book, employers will naturally submit it to their legal advisers for an opinion upon it. Probably counsel will then say, " This Bill is couched in such ambiguous language that when litigation commences in respect of industrial matters, it will probably extend over a very long period indeed." Surely, if any of our legislation should be couched in simple language, it is that which relates to industrial matters.

Mr Groom - It is not' a question of legislation that is involved. It is one concerning the extension of power to invade an award. That is quite a different matter.

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