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Thursday, 20 May 1920

Regarding the suggestions for the presentation of a Parliamentary Address to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, there are several objections to the proposals' outlined in the typed copy you were good enough to furnish me with. I sea no reason for departing from the established practice regarding presentation of addresses to the Crown or the King's representative. Such addresses are passed by each House, and presented by the presiding officers of each House separately. The last occasion of the presentation of a special address was on the news of the surrender of Germany. A similarlyworded address to His Majesty the King was adopted by each House, and presented by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House pf Representatives in the presence of members of both Houses, not in either chamber, but in a place common to both Houses, viz., the steps of Parliament House.

In Votes and Proceedings, No. 100, of Thursday, 14th November, 1918, honorable members will see the record of that function, and a record of last night's proceedings, which were carried, out on the lines I have indicated as being in conformity with our established procedure, will be incorporated in Hansard as the result of a report I have just made to the House.

I see no reason why this practice cannot be followed on the occasion of the visit of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Should the weather conditions be unfavorable for an out-door presentation, the Queen's Hall, which is common to both' Houses, could be availed of. The best time for such a function, in my opinion, is that originally proposed when the Prince is passing Parliament House in the procession on the day of his arrival, but if this is found to be inconvenient another occasion -preferably unassociated with the dinner function - might be availed of. The only occasion when members of the House of Representatives officially, attend in the Senate chamber is when they are summoned to do so by the King's representative.

They are not summoned to do so by the Senate.

The address can be adopted by each branch of the Legislature prior to the adjournment before the Prince's arrival in Australia. This would obviate the necessity of calling the

Houses to meet the day after bis arrival, when it is quite possible, though perhaps not probable, there might not be a quorum available. I commend this alternative proposal to your consideration, as you will note that in the case of the presentation of the joint address from the Lords and Commons by the Lord Chancellor, which you claim as a precedent, the whole of the circumstances were dissimilar, and the address was not presented in either Chamber, but in a room in the King's Palace.

Faithfully yours,

W.   Elliot Johnson,

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