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Thursday, 23 August 1906

Sir JOHN FORREST (Swan) (Treasurer) . - I do not think that any member of this House has risen upon fewer occasions than I have to take exception to observations made with regard to myself personally. The right honorable member for East Sydney has taken exception, and very properly, too, to misrepresentations which have been made with regard to himself. I can assure him that I have no sympathy whatever with any class of misrepresentations. I desire that we shall appear before the public as nearly as possible in our true character, and that statements that we have never made should not be attributed to us in this House or outside of it. I think that I have cause to complain of the right honorable gentleman himself. Not once, but on several occasions, in this House, have I sat silent whilst I have been grossly misrepresented, and whilst, I might say, my political character has been traduced by him. No one is able to charge me with having said anything personally derogatory to any honorable member, and I trust that no one will ever be able to reproach me with having said anything reflecting in the slightest degree on the personal character or honour of any honorable member. I should be ashamed to be a representative of the people in this House if I had resorted to any such tactics. I regret, however, that the right honorable gentleman lias not treated me with the same courtesy and respect with which I have always treated him.

Mr Page - Did not the right honorable gentleman once call the members or* the Labour Fart v "steerage passengers"?

Sir JOHN FORREST - No, I never said any such thing.

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