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Tuesday, 3 July 1906
Page: 926

Sir JOHN QUICK (Bendigo) -- I hardly think that it is necessary for the honorable member for Wentworth to take up so much time in demanding an assurance from the Minister that he is going to stand by his own Bill, because the Bill as drawn, and according to its express scope, is not a Bill for the repression of monopolies generally. It it a Bill for the repression of destructive and injurious monopolies, and the Minister will, therefore, have to stand by the words in the title. I cannot see howhe can possibly abandon the terms of the title without at the same time abandoning the fundamental principle of his own Bill. That fundamental principle is the repression, suppression, or prevention of combinations and monopolies injurious to the public, or to the public detriment, or that are conducted with the intention of destroying industries. The Minister could not, therefore, abandon the words in the title without the abandonment of his own Bill.

Sir William Lyne - I did not say that I was going to abandon the words in the title.

Sir JOHN QUICK - I should apprehend thatthe honorable gentleman would not say that. It is therefore rather an unnecessary reflection upon the Minister to ask him at this stage if he is going to abandon the fundamental principle of his own Bill. I assume that he will not. If the honorable gentleman does attempt to abandon it, that will be time enough to challenge his attitude, and I shall be prepared to support the honorable member for Wentworth if the Minister does assume an attitude of abandonment of the principle of his own Bill. With reference to the suggestion of the honorable and learned member for Angas that the word " prevention " should be substituted for the word "repression, " I would point out that it might be that there are at the present time existing agreements and combinations which it is necessary to suppress. When we come to the clause dealing with this matter I shall be prepared to inform the honorable and learned member of certain agreements or combines in existence at the present time, or which were in existence at so nearly the present time as to justify our regarding them as present evils which might be suppressed under this measure.

Amendment negatived.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 3 -

In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears - " Commercial Trust " includes a combination, whether wholly or partly within or beyond Australia, of separate and independent persons (corporate or unincorporate) whose voting power or determinations are controlled or controllable by -

(a)   the creation of a trust as understood in equity, or of a corporation, wherein the trustees or corporation hold the interests, shares, or stock of the constituent persons ; or

(b)   an agreement; or {c) the creation of a board of management or its equivalent; or

(d)   some similar means; and includes any division, part, constituent, person, or agent of a Commercial Trust. "Lower remuneration forlabour" includes less pay or longer hours, or any terms or conditions of labour or employment more disadvantageous to workers. "'Person" includes corporation and firm and a Commercial Trust.

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