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Wednesday, 6 December 1905
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Mr GLYNN (Angas) - Paragraph c proposes to omit the whole of paragraphs m and n from the original Act. Paragraph m makes an exception, so far as prohibited immigrants are concerned, in favour of a wife accompanying her husband if he is not a prohibited immigrant, and of all children apparently under the age of eighteen years accompanying their father or mother, if their father or mother is not a prohibited immigrant.

Mr Deakin - The operation of that paragraph has been suspended for the last two or three years by proclamation.

Mr GLYNN - The law as at present administered operates very harshly. The

Chinese interpreter in the Northern Territory, who was born there, and is an excellent linguist, has been unable to introduce his wife from China; He married a Chinawoman many years ago, and afterwards took her to China with him. He returned to the Territory in advance of her, and has been precluded by the operation of the law from again bringing her into the Territory. I directed ' the attention of the authorities to this matter, but was informed that the law could not be relaxed. It is ridiculous that we should retain on our statute-book a law that prevents a man from introducing his wife into the Commonwealth merely because he arrives here in advance of her. Last week my attention was directed to another case, and I would suggest that we should so amend the original Act as to make paragraph m read -

A wife, if her husband is not a prohibited immigrant, and resides in the Commonwealth, and all children under the age of eighteen years, if the father or mother is not a prohibited immigrant, and resides in the Commonwealth.

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