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Thursday, 28 November 1974
Page: 2938

Senator STEELE HALL -Yes, they probably do. I may say that is a very good observation by Senator Missen. The Australia Party probably do regret giving their preferences to the Labor Party. The Government will of course, wreck the Australia Party's reward, if this Bill is passed with that particular clause still in it.

I would also reject any thought of altering the full preferential system for the lower House voting. Whilst it is necessary to do something about it for the upper House, to alter the system in regard to the lower House is to take a long step towards the system of first past the post voting which the Labor Party will introduce in Australia, as soon as it controls both this House and the lower House. When that occurs there will have to be some sort of revolution in the organisation of non-Labor people in this country. I hope that it never occurs.

Whilst this may be a big Party Bill- it seems that the Opposition regards it as such or sees the danger, and perhaps might react sensibly- I can see no disagreement between the Opposition and the Government on individual issues. No doubt there would be some variation in emphasis but I can see no variation in general consensus as expressed by anyone on this side of the House on the way the debate has been presented this afternoon. For that reason I cannot understand why we cannot get busy and pass the second reading of this Bill. Even if we adopt only three of the major measures and make use of them it will make the system just that little bit better. Not to do so to me seems to be hiding the real reason, whatever it is, that the second reading cannot proceed.

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