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Tuesday, 26 November 1974
Page: 2814

Senator Greenwood asked the AttorneyGeneral, upon notice:

(   1 ) To how many persons are copies of press releases, speeches, etc, of the Attorney-General forwarded on a regular basis.

(2)   Who compiled the list of such persons and what categories of persons are included.

(3)   Who determines the material to be included in each despatch to persons on the list.

(4)   Why are senators and members of the House of Representatives not included in the list of such persons.

Senator Murphy - The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

(   1 ) Copies of press releases and speeches of the AttorneyGeneral arc sent to 1,660 people or organisations.

(2)   Officers of the Information and Public Relations Branch, Attorney-General 's Department.

Categories include-

(   1 ) Press, Radio and Television Organisations.

(2)   Australian and State Government Departments.

(3)   Major Australianand Overseas Libraries.

(4)   Law Societies and Associations.

(5)   Publishers of Legal Materials.

(6)   Political Parties.

(7)   Australian and State Courts.

(8)   Members of Legal Profession.

(9)   Law Reform Commissions.

(10)   Trade Unions and Associations.

(11)   Women's Organisations and Civil Liberties Organisations.

(12)   Religious Organisations.

(13)   Overseas diplomatic missions.

(14)   Some Overseas Departments of Justice and Attorney-General.

(15)   Persons requesting the service.

(3)   Press releases and speeches arc sent to all those on the mailing list. News organisations, Law Societies and Associations and publishers of legal materials on the priority list receive weekly distribution. Others on the list receive press releases and speeches monthly. The system is being kept under review to make sure that the appropriate material is sent to organisations interested in the particular topic.

(4)   Press releases and speeches are available to all senators and members who request to bc put on the mailing list. The names of senators and members have not been included on the list automatically because it would duplicate the service 01 thc Ministerial Document Reproduction Unit which supplies all senators and members with copies of Ministerial press statements and speeches.

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