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Tuesday, 12 November 1974
Page: 2268

The CHAIRMAN - No. I did not hear it as a point of order.

Senator DEVITT - Oh, yes it was.

Senator Sheil - I raised a point of order.

The CHAIRMAN - That was a point of order but I did not understand that Senator Laucke was speaking to the point of order. I thought he was making a statement on another matter. I will call Senator Greenwood if he wishes to rise.

Senator DEVITT - I raise a point of order, Mr Chairman. I have not completed my remarks. You, Mr Chairman, called me. I was on my feet when I was interrupted by a point of order and I now claim the right to complete my remarks.

The CHAIRMAN -I bow to you, Senator Devitt. I thought you had finished your comments.

Senator DEVITT - I just want to say this -

Senator SHEIL (QUEENSLAND) - Mr Chairman,I raised a point of order. You have not ruled on it. If Senator Devitt wishes to continue- I thought he had finished- I would ask you, Mr Chairman, for a ruling on my point of order.

The CHAIRMAN - My understanding is that there is no substance in the point of order raised on Senator Devitt 's comments.

Senator DEVITT -I will conclude my remarks but I just want to put the record straight on this. In fact, in Committee E nothing that was done there -

Senator Baume - Committee E?

Senator DEVITT -I am talking about Committee E and the observation that I was making about that Committee. There was no lack of opportunity for anybody to ask questions. The only 2 occasions when this might have been interferred with was when Senator Townley raised a question as to whether Senator Baume should hog the whole show and I thereafter changed the course of questioning to give everybody an opportunity. The second occasion was when Senator Townley raised the question as to whether Senator Shiel had any right to ask a question.

Senator Sir Magnus Cormack - I raise a point of order, Mr Chairman. My point of order relates to procedure. Are we dealing with the report of Committee B or are we now embarking upon an examination of the report of Committee C? That is what I wish to know.

The CHAIRMAN - I acknowledge your point of order, Senator. I think it is well taken. I would just ask the honourable senator to move on from Committee E to which he is referring and to deal with Committee B. Senator Devitt you have the right to speak. You are in continuation.

Senator DEVITT -I think I have put the record straight on that. I do not want to delay the Committee's deliberations on this matter. I conclude my remarks.

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