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Thursday, 31 October 1974
Page: 2188

Senator WEBSTER -Can the Minister for Foreign Affairs inform the Senate whether the direction of the Australian socialist Labor Government to its representative at the United Nations to vote for the expulsion of South Africa from that body has been exercised as at this date? What is the current state of the aforementioned motion in the United Nations? Can the Minister inform the Senate whether the Australian Government now intends to press for the explusion of all member nations of the United Nations which do not comply with the principles for membership and the Charter of the United Nations?

Senator WILLESEE -I cannot tell the honourable senator whether this question has been voted on or not; I do not know. The vote is imminent; it could have happened by now. A rather long debate about this matter has been going on in the Security Council. The second question which the honourable senator asked was whether we will press for the expulsion of other members of the United Nations. As I explained the other night when we were debating this matter, it is not a question of our pressing for such expulsions. This matter concerning the expulsion of South Africa was referred to the Security Council and we happen to be on the Security Council. So the matter was put firmly in front of us to make a decision. If it had happened last year or if it were to happen next year we would not have been in our present position, but at this time we are.

Yesterday I made a statement dealing with this very point which Senator Webster raiseswhether or not everybody who has assaulted the United Nations Charter- it does not matter to what degree- should be kicked out of the United Nations. Certainly there are many member nations of the United Nations which, if one liked to watch them very closely, one would see have not done the sorts of things that the Charter lays down. But I do not think that this can be used as any excuse for the violations that South Africa has consistently committed over 25 years. Senator Webster will see that in my statement. I will give him a copy of it if he would like it. It is not a question of our pressing for the expulsion of other nations. We never pressed this one.

Senator Young - You are supporting it

Senator WILLESEE - Yes, we are supporting it. Let me deal with the question that was put to me. The question was: Would we, Australia, move for the expulsion of all other countries? The answer would be no. We did not move in this situation for the expulsion of South Africa. The question was put to ari organisation of which we are a member, and we voted according to what we thought was best.

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