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Tuesday, 1 October 1974
Page: 1540

Debate resumed from 25 September (vide page 1425), on motion by Senator Wriedt:

That the Senate take note of the following papers:

Expenditure- Particulars of Proposed Expenditure for the Service of the year ending 30 June 1975

Particulars of Proposed Provision for certain Expenditure in respect of the year ending 30 June 1 975

Estimates of Receipts and Summary of Estimated Expenditure for the year ending June 30 1 975

Civil Works Program 1974-75

Government Securities on Issue at 30 June 1974

Payments to or for the States and Local Government Authorities 1974-75

Urban and Regional Development 1974-75

Australia's External Aid 1974-75

National Income and Expenditure 1973-74

National Accounting Estimates of Receipts and Expenditure of Australian Government Authorities

Income Tax Statistics

Taxation Review Committee, Preliminary Report I June 1974

Upon which Senator Withers had moved by way of amendment:

Leave out all words after 'that' and insert 'The Senate is of the opinion that the Budget fails to tackle Australia's economic crisis, in that:

(a)   Unemployment is permitted to grow and the prospect for school leavers is prejudiced;

(b)   Inflation is accelerated:

(c)   Existing poverty is ignored and new poverty is created:

(d)   Personal income tax is increased 45 percent;

(e)   Living standards will bc lowered:

(f)   Private enterprise is stilled;

(g)   Government power is further centralised:

(h)   Individual incentive and thrift is penalised; U) A double tax is levied on estates.

And because the Government:

(i)   Has made the Budget a socialist vehicle to intensify the attack on the States and break down the free enterprise system.

(ii)   Believes the absurdity that the Government can spend without people paying or can build without people producing.

(iii)   Has preached private restraint but has threatened its achievement by its own Government extravagance.

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