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Friday, 16 August 1974
Page: 1075

Senator STEELE HALL (South AustraliaLeader of the Liberal Movement) - In view of my remarks last night, I shall speak briefly. I have had time to study the amendment. I think it is extremely good. It does not destroy the right of the Minister for Transport (Mr Charles Jones) to insist on approval of the projects involved but it does take from him that very expanded control over areas which ought to be outside his jurisdiction.

Senator Devitt -Have you looked at that question relative to the co-ordination of activities?

Senator STEELE HALL -Yes, I have. I think the Minister has extremely wide power under this legislation compared with the road grant situation from which it takes over. It is an enormous step into ministerial control. I would think that every possible control has been put into this legislation and the proposal under consideration is one that is not needed. 1 do not think the Minister will lose anything by its exclusion and certainly he has no cause to reject the Bill when the real power is almost left intact in it. I did want to say, in view of my remarks last night, that I believe the Minister would still have the power to discipline Mr Dunstan who so badly needs it in South Australia.

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