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Wednesday, 14 August 1974
Page: 937

Senator STEELE HALL (South AustraliaLeader of the Liberal Movement) - I think the Attorney-General (Senator Murphy) is being more than kind in responding as he has. I would much prefer myself that he had not responded in that fashion but had left the Bill to be finalised as it was drawn. Some extremely adept representations have been made about this Bill by some well-qualified people. They have been fulfilling a brief on behalf of very big retailers in Australia. I do not know whom Senator Greenwood speaks for; I voiced that opinion earlier today.

Senator Greenwood - Mr Chairman,I take a point of order. I again object to the accusation coming from Senator Hall that members of the Opposition speak for other people. I have said in this chamber and I say it again that I am my own man in this place, and Senator Hall would hate it to be thought that he was speaking for someone else. I ask him to give the credit to other people in this place, including members of the Opposition, that they speak for themselves. He would object if the allegation were made against him, and I do not see why he should have the liberty to make the allegation against other people.

Senator STEELE HALL -Mr Chairman,unless directed otherwise I stand by what I said. I do not know whom Senator Greenwood speaks for.

Senator Greenwood - I take a point of order, Mr Chairman. The honourable senator ought to be asked to withdraw the implication which, contrary to standing order 418, imputes the motive that I am speaking on behalf of someone else by his use of those words. He knows this point because it has been raised in this chamber before. The honourable senator comes here with a reputation, with a strong voice and with a cause to represent, and we acknowledge that. But I object to the fact that he comes and makes these representations and accusations with absolutely no foundation for them. I am not the spokesman of anybody in this place except myself and my own sense of what I am here to represent and do, and I suggest that it is a most infamous allegation to make this constant representation that we are other people's spokesmen.

Senator STEELE HALL -Mr Chairman,I have no intention of withdrawing that remark.

The CHAIRMAN (Senator WebsterOrder! Standing order 4 1 8 states:

No Senator shall use offensive words against either House of Parliament of any Member of such House . . . and all imputations of improper motives and all personal reflections on Members shall be considered highly disorderly.

We have the situation in which Senator Greenwood has suggested that the words that have been used are a personal reflection. Senator Hall, I would ask you to consider whether you might recouch the remarks that you have used and perhaps not impute to a honourable senator the motive that he is perhaps reflecting someone else 's opinion in this place.

Senator STEELE HALL -Mr Chairman,I take it I can speak in explanation.

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