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Wednesday, 14 August 1974
Page: 919

Senator MURPHY (New South WalesAttorneyGeneral) - Yes, in clause 51 to which I referred the honourable senator before. The honourable senator will find the answers to some of his queries if he reads clause 5 1 which relates to vendors, purchasers and so on. I think the Committee should understand, and others also- although Senator Wright suggests that because some new language is used the legislation will be difficult to follow- that a great deal of discussion has occurred on the various clauses and on this one in particular. It is important to note that a general acceptance has been arrived at by those who will be affected by the legislation; that the clause, as the Government is proposing, is a good one; that this is the way it should be framed; that it has been hammered out and thought about; and that this is the result arrived at. I do not think it is altogether fair to speak of the legislation as if it were some kind of monkey puzzle that those in industry would not understand when they, and certainly their advisers, have very well understood it and have asked for some modification and so forth. They quite well understand what the responsibilities would be. Indeed, in large measure, some of them welcome this legislation and want it as the Government is proposing it.

Therefore I say to Senator Wright that in general terms the answer to the queries he puts is that if there is- I speak broadly without the frills- a significant effect on competition the arrangement is covered by the Bill. If this is not so, the matter will be left to the common law. I understand that Senator Greenwood indicated really that he was prepared not to oppose the Government.

Senator Greenwood - We would withdraw our amendment in favour of the Government's amendment in these areas that we have been discussing.

Senator MURPHY - I will move the amendments to clause 45 which have been circulated.

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