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Wednesday, 14 August 1974
Page: 899

Senator GREENWOOD (Victoria) -I sense that there is an area in which Senator Laucke and I are still not clear as to precisely how the provision will operate.

Senator Poyser - Why do you not say that you do not know and sit down?

Senator GREENWOOD - It may be that Senator Poyser feels that because the Government has proposed something no one should qquestion it. We are looking at this matter as cl osely as we can. We feel that we are entitled to do so. The question of when price-fixing arrangements are or are not to become unlawful is an important factor.

Senator Murphy - I gave you the answer; it is on the date of proclamation.

Senator GREENWOOD - I appreciate that and that is helpful. But what are those particular arrangements under sub-section (2) of proposed section 88 in respect of which authorisations do not apply so that at the date of proclamation they become unlawful? I am quite happy to accept the Attorney-General's assurance that if the Opposition wants to come back to any clause hereafter it can do so.

Senator Murphy - I said to this clause. I did not say to any clause; I said to this clause.

Senator GREENWOOD - I am sorry, to this clause. I think we would be prepared to accept that assurance. I know that Senator Laucke, who has spoken to me briefly about the matter, is concerned as to what is the import of this provision. I know that he would appreciate the opportunity of talking to some of the Attorney-General's officers with a view to having the matter clarified. On that assumption, I think that we can proceed to accept this amendment, knowing that we can come back to it if we want to do so.

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