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Wednesday, 5 December 1973
Page: 2529

Senator WRIGHT (Tasmania) - I have listened to this debate, and the first comment I make, without canvassing any of the facts to which Senator McLaren referred, is that, notwithstanding the cock-a-doodle-dooing he brings the chamber to a level which gives us no credit when he starts attacking the character of a person ofthe status of Senator Webster - (Government senators interjecting)-

Senator WRIGHT -Those who join in a dingo chorus do not elevate the status of the chamber either. I am just saying that, if we cannot have an objective debate upon matters such as that being debated tonight without directly attacking each other's character, Senator McLaren is denigrating the chamber that supports him at the moment.

With regard to Senator Gietzelt, I listened to the tedious repetition of points of order taken by Senator Wheeldon from Western Australia. He listened avidly a fortnight ago to the expression of Senator Gietzelt 's malice in taking the occasion the night before the election to make, under the privilege of this Parliament. accusations against people campaigning in another political sphere. I thought that Senator Wheeldon showed a keen sense of appreciation. I would just like it to be known that the only thing that I thought struck one point of credit in the debate from the Labor side on that subject was that he found it repulsive to be returning to the vomit of a fortnight before. That is distasteful, no doubt; but when Senator Gietzelt thinks that this Senate is a forum -

Senator James McClelland (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Mr President,I raise a point of order. Senator Wright should note that there is only one 'g' in Senator Gietzelt 's name. The name is ' Gietzelt '.

The PRESIDENT - Order! I am sure that sometimes when Senator Wright is tired he has a slight impediment- I am not being facetious about this- and that he just had difficulty with a consonant. I noticed it. I take no objection to it; nor would Senator Gietzelt.

Senator WRIGHT - It is immaterial to me whether he is a 'G ' or a ' gee-gee '.

Senator Douglas McClelland (NEW SOUTH WALES) - You are an old nag yourself.

Senator WRIGHT -Maybe. Senator Gietzeltclaims credit for having 2.5 years experience here. This Senate may endure for 2.5 years after he has disembarrassed the institution of his presence. It would be for the benefit ofthe institution if he were to confine his accusations to matters pertaining to our authority and power. When he has accusations of a defamatory character to make involving people outside this chamber he should produce those accusations on a sound basis. Then we had the questions and answers referred to by Senator Little. I do not propose to debate them tonight but I hope that the Senate has taken note of the impertinent, inadequate and mendacious answers of which he complained.

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