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Wednesday, 11 October 1972
Page: 1413

Senator Douglas McClelland (NEW SOUTH WALES) - My question, which is directed to the Leader of the Government in the Senate, follows the answer he gaveto Senator Carrick. Will he agree that Mr Frank Crean, in the address that Mr Crean gave in Sydney on 4th August, when referring to taxation deductions for life assurance was merely drawing attention to the fact that the taxation law allows a taxation deduction of up to $1,200 for life assurance but allows only a little over$300 for a wife who is wholly maintained by a taxpayer and even less for a child who is wholly maintained by a taxpayer, and that Mr Crean, far from saying that the life assurance deduction should not be allowed, was merely using it as an illustration to highlight the unfairness, disparities and anomalies that exist under the present taxation law relating to allowable deductions? Will the Minister agree with Mr Crean's contention that the taxation law generally, and particularly that relating to equity so far as deductions are concerned, is very much in need of review?

Senator Sir KENNETH ANDERSON - 1 do not detract at all from what I said. I do not want to repeat it. I think I covered it fairly well. The question was linked to the efficacy of all the deductions which a taxpayer can claim, but particularly those relating to special deductions, whether they be for a wife, dependent children, medical claims or life assurance. I placed particular emphasis on life assurance because that was the subject of the question posed to me. I do not think I mentioned Mr Crean by name;I referred to the shadow Minister. However, since the honourable senator has mentioned his name-

Senator Douglas McClelland (NEW SOUTH WALES) - I think Senator Carrick mentioned his name.

Senator SIR KENNETH ANDERSON As the honourable senator would know, I do not like using names per se in these cases; I talk about a position or an office. As for the additional things that Mr Crean said in his address on 4th August, I am not in a position to challenge them and if the honourable senator likes I will put his question on notice and look at the address in depth. However, he did say, in the generality - I do not think this is under challenge - that he was advocating or canvas sing the easing of this special concession as against other concessions. [ have criticised the proposition that there should be any easing of deductions in respect of life assurance premiums.

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