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Tuesday, 19 September 1972
Page: 918

Specifically -

Press reports that a woman said that Yugoslavs often spent weekends at a You Yangs farmhouse have not been borne out in investigation.

Reports of shooting noises and gunfire in the area are explainable by the fact that there is a rifle range in the area used by the reputable Australian Sporting Shooters Association.

The local President of the Shooters Association has stated that the presence of 40 or more men on the You Yang rifle range was common and had no connection with political matters. The Association has conducted both day and night firing exercises for the last 14 years.

Local Police in the area have reported that no complaints relating to 'groups of armed migrants' have ever been received by them.

Local inquiries have elicited that no military training of the type alleged in a newspaper report could have possibly, been carried out in the You Yangs area without it becoming a matter of public knowledge. The You Yangs are a highly popular recreation area used by sporting bodies and the general public. It is also used for motor sports including car trials and rallies, some of which are conducted after dark.

It is apparent that inquiries conducted by the Commonwealth Police and the Victoria Police have produced the same result. There is no evidence to substantiate reports and allegations of Croatian military training activities in the You Yang area.

One apparent source of these reports and allegations is one Marijan Jurjevic. This gentleman who is understood to be a Croat and yet is an outspoken opponent of Croatian nationalism has been reported constantly as claiming to have knowledge and evidence of Croatian para-military activities in this country. He has been interviewed on a number of occasions and most recently by a senior officer of the Commonwealth Police Force and has been given every opportunity, to produce this evidence. He has consistently failed to do so.

I accept that I have been reading a Press statement which was released 6 or 7 weeks ago, but it seems to be a Press statement to which no-one is prepared to give credence.

Senator Mulvihill - But the bombings have been accelerated. That is why.

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