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Thursday, 14 September 1972
Page: 812

(Senator Websterproceeding to address a question to the Attorney-General) -

Senator Keeffe - I rise to take a point of order. Mr President, 2 days ago you expressed opposition to questions containing political content. I remind you of your ruling.

The PRESIDENT - I am well aware of my ruling. 1 am waiting until the question is asked to determine whether I will allow it. Senator Webster, has your question any other parts?

Senator WEBSTER (VICTORIA) - Yes, it has.

The PRESIDENT - I remind you that you must not use question time to give information, and you have been doing this.

Senator WEBSTER - Undoubtedly that ruling will be applied to both sides of this chamber. I am asking a question of the Minister. I ask . . .

The PRESIDENT - Order! What is the question, senator? You have asked whether the Minister saw an interview.

Senator WEBSTER - Yes. The second question that I asked was: 'Did the Minister learn . . .?' The third question that I ask is: . . .

The PRESIDENT - Order! I will not admit the question. It is ruled out of order.

Senator Webster - On a point of order, Mr President: If you rule my question out of order I will take a point of order on every question in similar context that is raised by the Opposition.

Senator Poke - Is that not a threat? You are good at threatening.

Senator Webster - And I carry out what I say.

Senator Poke - All right, at any time you like.

The PRESIDENT - -Order

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